Ramadan Iftar Buffet

Zaaki Restautant and Cafe will start serving our famous Ramadan Iftar Buffet during sunset everyday for the entire Ramadan month. Will also be serving a Suhoor Buffet right before sunrise everyday. You will enjoy the most delicious and authentic Middle Eastern platters. Zaaki's Ramadan Buffet this year will feature the best of all Mediterranean Food and Middle eastern cuisine this Ramadan May 2018. Our Food features Kabsa, Maklube,  Shawerma, kabob, biryani, tilapia, salmon, shrimp, Gyro, salads, desserts, organic food, Fresh juices, Tea, Chai masala, Coffee and all other variants of Mediterranean, Indian and middle eastern cuisine.

All you need is ask around about our buffet last year and you are sure to hear amazing things. Call (703) 379-2254 to Reserve or inquire. check out our video BELOW.

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