About Us

We are a Falls Church-Fairfax-Arlington-Alexandria-Virginia-Washington DC based Middle Eastern restaurant and Hookah Cafe. Our traditional cuisine is from the entire Arab World and all our food is Halal and organic. The menu ranges from Shawarma, Kibbe, Kabsa, kabob, Maklooba, Haneeth, Lamb chops, Shrips, Tilapia fish, Masakhen and many more exotic platters. We are also a tea and coffee house. Our fresh juice and coffee bar is great for breakfast, lunch and mid-day breaks as we offer cappuccino, Arabic coffee, Turkish coffee, American Coffee, Black tea and Green tea with mint. Our fresh pastries and sweets are both home baked and imported from the Middle East. We are open to 4am in weekdays and 5am on weekends for the convenience of our customers. Our goal is to serve our customers with the best Middle Eastern food, best hookah, best desserts, and best drinks for maximum hours in the day. We also specialize in Events and parties and the "Arab Idol" concert featuring the biggest Arab celebrities was our most recent event. Check out our events page for further updates at all times as we always have something special going on for our valued customers.  If you are looking for a serine place with relaxing hookah then our outdoor patio will be your spot for comfort. We also serve organic tobacco. Your complete Middle-Eastern experience awaits you. See you soon.